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Do you appreciate New Beginnings and Divorce and Relationship Recovery?

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If you're not yet a 2021 Supporting Member, please become one, by making a one-time gift of $50 or more - or by setting up (or continuing) a recurring monthly donation of $5 or more! You can give on this page, on our main giving page, or via check or cash. Details below. If you already are one, thank you, but please continue to support our life-changing work!

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Thank you to these 94 people that are already 2021 Supporting Members!
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Of this list, 55 people (over half) have given $100 or more – twelve have given $250 or more – and three have given $500 or more. Special thanks!

Bay Area New Beginnings was started and is now operated by the non-profit Divorce and Relationship Recovery Network. It originally served as a fun, safe social setting for members of its five Bay Area Divorce and Relationship Recovery communities, but we've opened it to thoughtful and respectful people that want to see old friends and make new ones. Visit the New Beginnings Meetup site. Each Divorce and Relationship Recovery community meets once a week to serve anyone dealing with separation, divorce or relationship struggles. Learn more about the Bay Area DRR groups.

Q: Is there a minimum donation amount?
Yes, the minimum amount for an one-time online transaction is $10.00, and for a recurring monthly gift the minimum is $5.00.

Q: Will the details of my donation be public?
That is your decision. On this page are check-boxes labeled "post my donation amount" and "post my name." If you allow those, that information will appear on this donation page. If you write anything in the "Donor Scroll" box on this page, it will appear with or without your name and/or donation amount. We appreciate your supportive words here because they encourage others to give!

Q: Can I give using Venmo? Zelle?
A: You can give using the Venmo ID drr-network. We're working on being able to accept payments through Zelle.

Q: Can I mail you a check instead of giving online?
Absolutely. Checks can be mailed (with your e-mail address enclosed, and some indication of "Bay Area New Beginnings," please) to:

Divorce and Relationship Recovery Network
Suite 265
555 Bryant Street
Palo Alto CA 94301

If giving by mail and you want to be sure your donation is recorded as taking place ithis year please mail it no later than December 27. If you have special needs in this area, contact us.

Q: Can I share information about this cause on my social networks?
Yes, you can. Click the icons along the edge of this page, and we'll create an item you can post with a single click on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google.

Q: Where can I learn more about your work, or ask questions about it or about the donation process?
Visit or contact us here