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Change lives for the better through by powering New Beginnings support groups and events

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New Beginnings members and support group participants are invited to give here

NEW! We now accept donations through Venmo, using the ID drr-network

Divorce, separation and other relationship losses can be some of life's most devastating experiences. We serve people touched by them through New Beginnings relationship support groups, each meeting every week to provide practical information and safe, confidential communities. Learn more about the groups

While we never charge for our services, our costs for to one person to attend one weekly meeting come to about $10.00. Some attendees are able to donate that amount each week – but many are not, due to sudden financial hardships or uncertainty. Your recurring gift will allow people to participate that are unable to contribute at this time.

If you would prefer to make a recurring gift, be sure the "Donation Frequency" is set to "monthly."

Q: Can I give from my smartphone?
A: Yes! Just text the word "give" to 650.681.1928 and you'll be directed to a mobile-friendly version of this page, where you can make your donation.

Q: Will the details of my donation be public?
A: That is your decision. On this page are check-boxes labeled "post my donation amount" and "post my name." If you allow those, that information will appear on this donation page. If you write anything in the "Donor Scroll" box on this page, it will appear with or without your name and/or donation amount. We do appreciate comments that will encourage others to give!

Q: Can I mail you a check instead of giving online?
A: Absolutely. Checks can be mailed (with your e-mail address enclosed, please) to:

Divorce and Relationship Recovery Network
555 Bryant Street #265
Palo Alto CA 94301

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