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Divorce, separation and other relationship losses can be some of life's most devastating experiences. We serve people touched by them through Divorce and Relationship Recovery communities, each meeting every week to provide practical information and safe, confidential communities. Help us to improve and grow these groups, currently six in number (see where) and to launch and operate more like them! Recurring gifts are an easy way to have a significant impact - and get the tax advantages of charitable giving - with a minimum of time and trouble.

While we never charge for our services, our costs for to one person to attend one weekly meeting come to about $10.00. Some attendees are able to donate that amount each week – but many are not, due to sudden financial hardships or uncertainty. Your recurring gift will allow people to participate that are unable to contribute at this time.

A recurring gift of $40 per month will cover one person's participation in one of our groups, $80 will cover two, and so on. $250 a month will cover one entire group meeting of about 25 people each month. You can also enter a custom monthly amount for whatever you are able to give on a monthly basis. Your recurring gift will change lives.

We are pleased to receive monthly donations from:
Jeff Area • Paul Chun • Duane and Marina Clapp • Andrea Dennis • Tom and Brenda Ferguson • Jeff Finger • Lisa Kato • Jane Larrieu • Grace May • Steve Long • Grace May • Valerie Minikawa • Ann Olin • Amy Papazian • Marjorie Petesch • Christina Schmidt • Heidi Sever • Judy Shapiro • Bill Sprague • Petalyn Stewart • Mike Zaharias
and other anonymous monthly donors

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